REF_HS_002 (Dana of Dendur)

by Swaai Boys

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SWAAI BOYS are proud to announce the newest crumbling desert pop single off their upcoming collection of songs HOT SAND!

REF_HS_002 (DANA OF DENDUR) is based on a love story from SWAAI BOYS' percussionist Helmut's youth. The Temple of Dendur is an intact Egyptian temple housed in the Sackler Wing of the Metropolitan Museum of Art, where a highschool girlfriend of Helmut's had a summer internship. Her name was Dana. Helmut said she was tasked with categorizing hundreds of shabtis in the galleries near the temple -- Egyptian Blue funerary figures -- which was apparently very boring and lonely.

The SWAAI BOYS were having a few mai tais at the museum's roof garden one summer afternoon when Helmut told his fellow SWAAI BOYS about the affair --
Helmut would meet Dana at the end of her shift, they would cut the lines, sneak into the temple, throw pennies in the water, and make out under the palms.

Often staying until the museum closed, Helmut and Dana would wander the wing looking at Queen Nefertiti's jewelry and crumbling pharaoh sarcophaguses. At one point, Dana said she knew hieroglyphs, and tried to decipher the insanely long Book of the Dead papyrus which lines a corridor there. They were in paradise, but was all too good to be true. They drifted apart after the summer, and Dana left a fond hole in Helmut's heart.

A few weeks later Helmut ran into Dana at an opening at the Hemingway Gallery on 55th Street. She was quite cold and aloof to him. Her wealthy, stuffy parents had never liked Helmut, and she seemed to have grown into the mold.

SWAAI BOYS' DANA OF DENDUR is about foiled young love -- how funny and sad it can be watching people grow up and change, sometimes in such a short amount of time. Especially astute in the shadow of a 2000-year old temple preserved immaculately under stippled glass that mimics its original Nubian lighting.



dana of dendur
i've got nothing too

free admission
to your exhibition

bogus papyrus
bogus papyrus

dana of dendur
i've got nothing too

once, twice, all the time
on your parents dime

bogus papyrus
bogus papyrus

but dana of dendur why would you
cut the line if all the time you lose?


released August 16, 2016
Produced and engineered at MCFK Studios by Oliver Ignatius

Mastered by Caleb Townsend and Andrew McInerney at Warner Bros. Sound

Written by Andrew McInerney

Andrew McInerney - Lead Vocals, Guitar, Percussion
Caleb Townsend - Vocals, Lead Guitar, Percussion
Jose Ginarte - Drums
Asher Townsend - Percussion
Josh Barocas - Bass
Oliver Ignatius - Backing Vocals



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